The Center for Health Analytics, Research and Transformation at NJHA uses data, analytics and informatics to better understand our state’s most pressing health challenges. CHART’s goal is to provide information-based insights that engage groups statewide in collective action to improve the health of New Jerseyans.

Our Latest Study

Chronic Conditions: Eroding the Fabric of a Healthy Society

JANUARY 2019 | Summary: To better illuminate the impact of chronic conditions on healthcare consumption and delivery in New Jersey, NJHA’s Center for Health Analytics, Research & Transformation (CHART) examined patient record data from more than 3 million hospital emergency room visits. These claims, representing emergency room visits to 68 of the state’s 71 acute care hospitals in 2017, are valuable for understanding the magnitude and geographic disposition of chronic disease in New Jersey.

This analysis of chronic conditions reveals some of the many factors within New Jersey communities that are eroding efforts to improve the health of the people of New Jersey. The prevalence of chronic conditions is exacerbated in the most socio-economically challenged areas such as Atlantic City, Jersey City and Trenton, and is more actively prominent in the African-American population.

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