HIM Education


Because of our deep commitment to enhance the quality of patient data, education remains the cornerstone of our service portfolio. Our credentialed staff continually researches the Federal Register and the CMS website to prepare clients for key legislation and provide solutions for the daily challenges that impact health care professionals.

Aapc Ceu Approved 150X561Our educational programs are offered regularly within various intervals throughout the year with new programs always on the forefront of development. As hands-on workshops and lectures, our programs are dynamically presented to foster better learning experiences. With our unparalleled expertise, we are able to customize programs that address your organization's specific needs.

Affordable and flexible, any of these programs can be offered at our Princeton location or at the convenience of your own facility. CEU credit opportunities exist for both AHIMA and AAPC.


Current programs include:

  • ICD-10 Summit by Association: A Mastery Education Series

    Sharpen your ICD-10 coding skills - after the October 1, 2015 implementation date. This is a comprehensive 4-day education session to help you master the ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding Systems. Eligible for 24 AHIMA CEUs, Approved for 24 AAPC CEUs

  • I-CODE Coder Mentor Program

    Coder Mentoring Program: Designed to assist facilities in developing their own coding talent pool. A rigorous program - 5 days per week / 6 hours per day / for 3 months. Overseen by NJHA-HBS' Senior Coding Consultant Educators. For additional information, contact Tim Keough (609) 936-2200


Maureen Barrie
Director, Billing & Compliance Consulting


Thu. 3/30
Thu. 6/29
Thu. 9/28
Wed. 12/13
Wed. 12/13

Now in it's 12th year, this popular program, developed by NJHA Healthcare Business Solutions, is updated and offered quarterly throughout the year.  Each unique program will provide a comprehensive overview of new and revised Medicare rules and regulations.  Our expert staff will research, analyze and decipher the coding and billing rules and present them in a straightforward and organized manner cutting to the chase and presenting in simple terms what you really need to know.

Each quarterly program will address new, timely and evolving issues with its own list of agenda topics that are hot-off-the-press.

Wed. 4/5
Wed. 4/26
Wed. 5/10
Wed. 11/8
Wed. 11/15
Wed. 12/6

Session I: You Can Have it All! ICD-10 Coder Productivity & Quality
Discover solutions to improve coder performance. Learn how to identify issues decreasing coding productivity and quality in your department and how to increase the productivity while improving the quality of your coders using ICD-10

Session II: Modifiers Made Simple
Gain an understanding of the NCCI edits, procedure-to-procedure edits, and medically unlikely edits and learn how to append modifiers appropriately to ensure proper reimbursement. Modifiers Made Simple includes E&M modifiers, Modifier 59 and the X-Modifier subcategory, Modifier 50, 33, and more

Session III: Query Do’s & Don’ts
Gain an understanding of the importance of the query process while learning the do’s and don’ts of query writing. You will be walked through the process with real query examples for debridement, MI’s, urosepsis, CHF, BMI, and more.

Thu. 4/13

Today, information security impacts every aspect of a healthcare organization -- operational performance, brand perception, market value, compliance and even the bottom line. Yet, many organizations lack an effective and simple Information Security Management Program (ISMP) roadmap.

CIOs and CISOs must be prepared to present a thoughtful, refined and simple plan to their executive and peer leadership teams that demonstrates a well-organized, prioritized and systematic approach to address the organization’s cybersecurity risks.

This webinar will highlight the steps to build an ISMP roadmap to suit your organization's culture and budget, focusing on the top cybersecurity priorities using the "CARVER" process, as well as leveraging your organizational and IT strengths.

BluePrint Healthcare IT’s cybersecurity experts will be joined by Joe Carr, NJHA’s own CIO. Together, they will outline steps that you can take to build a customized ISMP roadmap in less than one day.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this webinar, the learner should be able to:
1. Conduct a gap analysis of the ISMP roadmap
2. Build a Gantt Chart view of the ISMP roadmap
3. Utilize the CARVER framework to define overall priorities
4. Pinpoint key adjustments in the planning process