HIM Education


Because of our deep commitment to enhance the quality of patient data, education remains the cornerstone of our service portfolio. Our credentialed staff continually researches the Federal Register and the CMS website to prepare clients for key legislation and provide solutions for the daily challenges that impact health care professionals.

Aapc Ceu Approved 150X561Our educational programs are offered regularly within various intervals throughout the year with new programs always on the forefront of development. As hands-on workshops and lectures, our programs are dynamically presented to foster better learning experiences. With our unparalleled expertise, we are able to customize programs that address your organization's specific needs.

Affordable and flexible, any of these programs can be offered at our Princeton location or at the convenience of your own facility. CEU credit opportunities exist for both AHIMA and AAPC.


Current programs include:

  • ICD-10 Summit by Association: A Mastery Education Series

    Sharpen your ICD-10 coding skills - after the October 1, 2015 implementation date. This is a comprehensive 4-day education session to help you master the ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding Systems. Eligible for 24 AHIMA CEUs, Approved for 24 AAPC CEUs

  • I-CODE Coder Mentor Program

    Coder Mentoring Program: Designed to assist facilities in developing their own coding talent pool. A rigorous program - 5 days per week / 6 hours per day / for 3 months. Overseen by NJHA-HBS' Senior Coding Consultant Educators. For additional information, contact Tim Keough (609) 936-2200


Maureen Barrie
Director, Billing & Compliance Consulting


Fri. 9/7

Ensuring effective communication between limited English Proficient (LEP) patients and the providers treating them can be a significant challenge for healthcare professionals working with the New Jersey’s diverse patient population. Language barriers can adversely affect access to healthcare, quality of care and the ability to understand and adhere to recommended courses of treatment. It puts LEP patients at higher risk for adverse healthcare outcomes due to unnecessary testing, misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. This not only exacerbates health disparities, but it also impacts healthcare cost and patient satisfaction.

Adhering to the standards and requirements set forth by Title Vi of the Civil Rights Act, Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, it is imperative that healthcare institutions have comprehensive, effective language services in place. For communication to be effective it has to be complete, accurate, timely, unambiguous and understood by the patient.

The goal of this conference is to share best-practice examples, provide support and offer solutions. Speakers will review the changes that have affected how language services are offered, provide examples of interpretive service models in the hospital settings and review the regulations that guide the provision of these services.

Wed. 9/12
Wed. 10/10
Wed. 11/14

Participants will ….
• Learn to recognize clinical indicators to correctly assign codes
• Gain an understanding od the link between coding and quality
• Learn to correctly code and query for complications of care – HACs, PSI, and PC-01
• Learn to correctly code and query for complicatons of care - HACs, PSI and PC-01

Wed. 9/19
Wed. 10/3
Wed. 10/24
Wed. 11/7
Wed. 11/28
Wed. 12/5

Session I: You Can Have it All! ICD-10 Coder Productivity & Quality
Discover solutions to improve coder performance. Learn how to identify issues decreasing coding productivity and quality in your department and how to increase the productivity while improving the quality of your coders using ICD-10

Session II: Query Do’s & Don’ts
Gain an understanding of the importance of the query process while learning the do’s and don’ts of query writing. You will be walked through the process with real query examples for debridement, MI’s, urosepsis, CHF, BMI, and more.

Session III: E&M Coding and Documentation for Hospital Coders
Learn the ins-and-outs of proper E&M code selection. Gain an understanding of the documentation requirements necessary to avoid denials.

Session IV: E&M Coding and Documentation for Physician Offices
In the professional coding and billing setting, learn the importance of complete and accurate documentation and E&M code assignment.